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Former minister Perni Nani made interesting comments on Veerasimha Reddy movie. It has been revealed that permission has been given for the increase in movie tickets only if Chief Minister Jagan signs. He said that Jagan does sober politics. He said that even though he knew that he had written false dialogues on the government, he gave permission to increase the rates. He questioned whether it was true that he had said that he would talk to CM Jagan. Nani was infuriated by saying that they are spreading malicious propaganda that they have increased the number of rooms in Tirumala. They are fired that God will not forgive those who are spreading such propaganda. It was revealed that there are 7,500 rooms in Tirumala, out of which 5000 rooms are being given for Rs.50 and Rs.100. Out of the remaining 2500 rooms, 1350 rooms will be reserved for VIPs. Out of 1,350, 170 rooms have been upgraded to non-AC rooms and only their rates have been increased.

We believe that GO 1 is Dharma. We gave it to save people’s lives. The High Court has given orders suspending it till 23rd. We will hear our argument on 23rd. Otherwise we will go to the higher court. Pawan Kalyan is a three piece politician. Politics with BJP on one side and TDP on the other. He cheated the cops. He cheated the BCs. You curse Chandrababu and go to that house and drink tea. Does anyone have a more twisted political history? If our government is a dictator, will you get permission for your meeting?.

– Perni Nani, former minister

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