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‘Darling’ Krishna and Milana Nagaraj have acted together in many movies so far. The movie ‘Love Mocktail’ gave both of them a big break. After that, this pair also did ‘Love Mocktail 2’. ‘Darling’ Another movie starring Krishna and Milana Nagaraj is hitting the screens this week. Yes, ‘Mr. Krishna and Milana are acting in the new movie titled ‘Bachelor’. Nimika Ratnakar is also seen as the heroine in this movie. ‘Mr. The movie ‘Bachelor’ is releasing on January 6.

Sharing information about this film, ‘Darling’ Krishna said, ‘Like I said earlier, I have a special love for this film. Because, after accepting this film, I made the film ‘Love Mocktail’ as a producer. I started ‘Love Mocktail’ from the salary of this film. So I have a special love for this film. Now to say about this movie, director Naidu has chosen a good story and made this movie. As soon as he came to tell the story, I enjoyed listening to the story. I have worn more clothes in this film than I have worn in any film till now. The reason for that is the director. They have a lot of taste. Milana Nagaraj played a special role in this film. The performance of all the artists including Nimika Ratnakar and the performance of the technicians are good..” he said.

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Speaking about the film, actress Milana Nagaraj said, ‘I liked the story of this film when director Naidu narrated it. I also acted in a cameo role in this film. May it be good for the film…’ he said. It seems that Nimika Ratnakar, who has appeared as the heroine, is very happy to act in this movie.

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This movie is directed by Naidu. This is his first directorial film. ‘I used to work with famous director Puri Jagannath. This is my first directorial film. With the cooperation of all the artists and technicians, including ‘Darling’ Krishna, the film has been made well..” said Naidu. Srinivas, Hanumanta Rao and Swarnalatha have bankrolled this movie. Manikanth Kadri has composed the music for the songs. Cinematography and Editing by Mr. Crazyminds.

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