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Paula Fortunado is a school teacher from Toms River, New Jersey, USA. Paula Fortunato was a 3rd grade teacher at a high school in Manhattan. She is the ex-wife of media personality and businessman Sumner Redstone.

Early life

Paula Fortunado was born in Toms River, New Jersey May 15, 1962. Charlotte Fortunato is her mother’s identity, and Dr. Charles Fortunato is his father. she 58 years expired And her zodiac sign is Taurus and she or he is a Christian. Apart from that, there is no additional element about Paula’s siblings or her early childhood life. When thinking about Pavla’s success, we can assume that she was effectively raised by her mother and father in her hometown.

Paula graduated from American College. Subsequently, Paula attended New York Metropolis and earned a Crabb’s Diploma in Early Childhood Elementary School Studies.

Skilled living

Paula Fortunato was once a college instructor in her hometown. Sumner Redstone’s wife, Paula Fortunado, attended elementary school with low grades. She quit her job at a public college in Manhattan after marrying Sumner. Besides, there are no further details about Paula’s career. Paula became well known after marrying her husband Sumner. Strangely enough, Sumner used his creativity, experience, and imagination and intelligence to create the giant media giants Viacom and CBS. He also had a strong hold on nationwide entertainment theater chains, which he used to manage his two most profitable ventures, CBS and Viacom. The media personality was delivered on August 11, 2020 at his residence in Los Angeles.

Sumner was 97 at the time of his death. However, the cause of the billionaire businessman’s death has not been disclosed. Sumner M. The Redstone Foundation is based on the foundation and has contributed around $1 million US {dollars} to the NGO Literacy Inc. He donated about $10 million to Harvard Law School for fellowships and various development packages. Sumner gave about $150 million to philanthropic causes. He was a lifetime member of the Democratic Caucus, and he provided funds to assist candidates in presidential and various other major elections in the United States. At the corporate entrance, Redstone was the head of government for national entertainment theater chains, CBS and Viacom. He was a major shareholder in all those companies. He retired as the chairman in February 2016 at the age of 92, on the orders of the court.

His autobiography, “A Ardor To Win”, co-authored with Peter Knobler, was published in 2001 by Viacom Simon & Schuster. Also, this book has detailed details about his life journey from common man to billionaire businessman in America. Also, it depicted his complete war story.

Paula Fortunato Wikipedia

Achievements and internet pricing

As for Paula’s awards and nominations, she hasn’t received them. And, based mostly on Paula’s success, we should always hope she wins some of them in the coming years.

Paula Fortunado, ex-wife of the late Sumner Redstone, was once a prominent college instructor at a public college on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. He was a class 3 teacher there. Also, Paula’s Internet pricing Estimates vary from $10 million to $50 million.

Relationship status

Paula Fortunado

Caption: Paula Fortunado with ex-husband Sumner Redstone (Credit: Zimpeo)

Paula Fortunato and Sumner got married in 2002, however their marriage ended in 2009. She was 39 years younger than her ex-husband. The divorce case was finally settled in court on January 22, 2009. When they broke up, he demanded all his issues back. She moved to Los Angeles with her two daughters.

On August 11, 2020, Sumner was extradited. Also, the identity of Mr. Redstone’s first wife was Phyllis Gloria Raphael. They married in 1974 and divorced in 1999. They have a daughter, Shari Redstone, and a son, Brent Redstone.

Regarding Paula’s rumors and controversies, she has never been a part of them before. Other than that, Paula is busy with her personal {and professional} life. Also, Paula prefers to avoid rumors and controversies.

Paula Fortunato Wikipedia

Body Measurement and Social Media

Bala stands 5 feet 4 inches height and weighs about 56 kg. Paula’s hair is black and long, and her eyes are black. Other than that, her body measurements are unknown.

Bala is not active on any social media platforms. Also, Paula likes to keep her personal {and professional} life non-public and doesn’t share much.

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