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It has been 6 years since the death of actor Raghava Uday. In 2016, Raghava Uday jumped from a helicopter into the lake during the shooting of the movie ‘Masti Gudi’. Actor Anil Kumar and ‘Duniya’ Vijay were also present with him. Anil and Uday died in the accident. The reason to talk about Uday now is that his last movie ‘Antharanga’ is all set to release. The audio of this movie was launched recently. Kala Samrat S. Narayan has released the songs of the movie ‘Antaranga’ and wished the team all the best.

S. who spoke about the movie. Narayan, actor Lakshmi Narayan Raju Aras has made a movie with the beautiful title Antaranga. I did not know that he is the producer of the movie. The movie ‘Chaitrada Premanjali’ showed that no matter how the hero is, the content is important for the movie. A lot of people mocked Raghuveer as the hero of that movie. He also joked that he was like our driver. I have seen the songs of the movie ‘Antaranga’, they are good..” he said.

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Director Vijay Surya shared information about the movie ‘Antaranga’ and said, ‘There is a split personality content in this movie. In this suspense thriller story, we have told what a disaster will happen when a daughter of a big family goes astray. ‘Antaranga’ was Uday’s last film and my first film. Actor Ashwin Haasan has voiced the character of Uday. No one has come forward to do the film due to covid. However, this producer said that he is completing the film and releasing it.

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Uday is the hero in this film. He died in an accident after completing 30% of the shoot. Later I continued his role with minor changes in the script. Currently we have completed the shooting. We shot around Chikkamagaluru, Mysore, Sakaleshpur. Actor/producer Lakshmi Narayan Raju Aras said that if a woman makes a mistake in a full house, what a disaster happens through this film.

A beautiful message for a beautiful land
Model Shreya Pavana, who has acted in a few commercials, is the female lead in ‘Antaranga’. Chetan Soska has composed the music. Along with director S Narayan, Karnataka Board of Film Commerce President Bha. m. Harish, actress Rupika, ‘Thuthu Madike’ actor/director Chandrakeerthy etc. were the dignitaries present as chief guests. This movie will be released soon.

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