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Beginning OTT Release Date, OTT Platform, Time, Cast, Watch Online

Beginning OTT Release Date: People have changed the way they watch movies. If a movie seems boring, they won’t even look at it. Now, it’s important for filmmakers to make unique movies, even if the plot is easy to guess. A great story isn’t needed to get people to watch a movie. All it takes is one great scene to make a movie a hit. Kantara is a good example of this right now.

Beginning OTT

But Kantara doesn’t have a great story. What made it a big hit was the 20-minute ending, which gave people chills. Kantara was a big hit in many fields, and everyone said it was a masterpiece. “Beginning,” which stars Vinoth Kishan and Gouri G. Kishan and was directed by a newcomer named Jagan, is now out in Kollywood.


As the trailers say the beginning of the movie looks interesting, with two stories happening on two screens. In one, Vinoth Kishan plays Balu, a mentally ill man who lives with his mother. In the other, Gouri G Kishan plays a girl who is taken by thugs. How these two stories come together makes up the rest of the story.

Cast & Crew

Along with Sachinn, Rohini, Laguparan, Mahendran, Surlee, Kpy Bala, and others, Gauri G. Kishan and Vinoth Kishan play the main characters in this movie. The film is made by Vijaya Muthusamy and Jagan Vijaya. The director of photography is Veerakumar, the background music is by K.S. Sundaramurthy, and the main actor is Jagan Vijaya.

Editor C.S. Premkuamr, art director K.V. Murugamani, audio graphers Tony J and Rajesh J, colorist Firefox Studio, and visual effects artist Mohamed Akaram are also on the technical team.

Beginning OTT Release Date, Digital Rights, and Satellite Rights

Lingusamy showed this movie because he liked the idea behind it and wanted to take it to a higher level. The 20th Chennai International Film Festival will show the movie he made. The trailer for the movie came out on December 16, 2022, and many people were impressed by it. The last time this idea was used, it was for a whole movie. This is the first split-screen concept film. But the premise seems interesting, and the video made people happy and gave them hope, so let’s wait until January 6, 2023 to see how things turn out.

Movie Name Beginning
OTT Platform TBA
OTT Release Date TBA
Theatrical Release Date January 26, 2023
Director Jagan Vijaya
Starring Vinoth Kishan, Gauri G Kishan, Sachinn, Rohini, Laguparan
Language Tamil
Film Industry Kollywood

Beginning OTT Platform (Digital Rights)

Vinoth Kishan Mad’s first movie was called Nanda, which came out in 2001. Since then, he’s been in a lot of movies, but in 2020, he was in about five movies that all did well. In particular, Andhagaram on Netflix helped him prove that he was a good actor. He was last seen in Kutty Story, which came out in 2021. He is now looking forward to Beginning, in which he will play a man with mental illness. Beginning will come out in 2022.

Vinoth Kishan said in an interview that he had never played this role before and that he had a lot of work to do. Vinoth Kishan has played a blind person before, in the movie Andhagaram, but this role is much harder.

The people who made the movie haven’t said who bought the digital rights. The movie is set to come out on January 6, 2023, and after that, we can expect to find out more. Keep in touch with us until then.

Beginning OTT Release Date

Gauri G. Kishan made her acting debut in the 2018 hit movie 96, which also starred Vijay Sethupathi and Trish. Gauri G. Kishan became well-known among young people everywhere after the movie came out. She has been in well-known movies like Karnan by Dhanush and Master by Thalapathy Vijay. She is making her debut in Tollywood with the movie Sridevi Shoban Babu, which stars Santhosh Shoban and will come out at the same time as Beginning. Her Malayalam movie Anuragam is now in the final stages of making.

In an interview, Jagan Vijaya, who is making his directorial debut with the experimental movie Beginning, said that even though the story was simple, what made the movie interesting was how he told it and how he connected the two stories. Let’s wait until January 6, 2023, and see how the audience reacts.

Beginning is set to come out in theatres on January 6, 2023. The movie’s producers have not yet said when it will be available on OTT. Most movies are put on OTT after they have been in theatres for 45 days, but some will take 60 days depending on how well they do.

Theatrical Release Date: January 26, 2023

Digital Rights: TBA

OTT Release Date: TBA

Satellite Rights: TBA

Satellite Release Date: TBA

Beginning Movie Trailer

The trailer for the beginning movie came out on December 16, 2023. It is the first split-screen movie to be made in Asia. Here is where you can watch the trailer if you want to.

Beginning Movie OTT: FAQ

When is Beginning OTT Release Date and Time?

Not Declared, Beginning movie makers have not yet announced.

Where can we watch Beginning?/ Where Can I see Beginning?

Theatres, Beginning will hit the screens on January 26, 2023.

Who bought Beginning OTT Rights?

Not Declared, Beginning movie makers haven’t announced yet

Is Beginning hit or flop?

Not Declared, Beginning movie has not been released so we can not say Hit or Flop

Is Beginning Movie available on Netflix?

No, Not Available on Netflix

Is Beginning available on Prime Video?

No, Not Available on Prime Video

Is Beginning available on Aha Video?

No, Not Available on Aha Video

Is Beginning Movie available on Hotstar?

No, Not Available on Hotstar

Final Words

Beginning is billed as a drama/thriller that uses split-screen to show two separate stories. What makes the movie interesting is how the two stories come together. This movie was made by the legendary director Lingusamy. The first episode of Beginning is set to air on January 6, 2023.

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