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Tomorrow (December 30) is the last Friday of this year. Friday is the release day of the movie. The special thing is that this time the last Friday of the year is witnessing a movie tsunami. That means more than 20 movies are releasing tomorrow. These also include Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Hindi movies. Although this crop of movies has created excitement in a way, the question has been raised as to how the audience will come if 20 movies are released at once. Film teams often claim that people are not coming to theatres. However, it is the rain of movies but the audience can come to which movie? Along with this question there are many other complications.
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The theater is not empty

The already released Shivarajkumar starrer ‘Veda’ is buzzing at the box office. English movie ‘Avatar 2’ is still showing in theaters. So it is a headache for the distributors to get theaters for this number of films. Producers are releasing their films in as many theaters as possible and welcoming the new year.

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Fear of election, IPL, star movies

The state assembly elections will be held soon. Apart from this, IPL, the release of the stars’ movies in January, along with many other reasons, the fear of Covid is also bothering the producers. For this reason, so many films are being released at once. Releasing more and more movies like this will not benefit anyone. Withdrawal of invested capital is also difficult at times.

Newbies are more

Like every other time, this time too, most of the new movies are being released. No star comes with so many movies. Keeping the intention of releasing in 2022 aside, these are all movies that were started before Covid. So they are coming together with the opinion that it is better to release and wash hands.

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The ticket price should be reduced

Director and distributor Sathyaprakash said, ‘The release of the film is his personal matter. We can’t say don’t release. Our job is to provide as many screens as possible. But my request to the board of commerce and the government is that ticket prices should be reduced in multiplexes for newcomer movies. Only then will people come and watch the movie. Out of 300 movies released in a year, more than 250 movies are newcomers. So the biggest business is the newcomer movies. They need encouragement…’ he said.

Despite the differing opinions, many are trying to add to the fame of the last Friday of 2022 as the Friday with the highest number of movie releases. But, since there are so many movies, only the audience is in a dilemma whether to celebrate it or not. There is an imperative that Kannada people have to fight with other language films in Bangalore. More than 20 movies are releasing this week. This will definitely hit the box office. But we can’t tell the producers. Release is a personal decision. If it’s a good movie, it will definitely win,’ says director and distributor Sathyaprakash

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9 Kannada movies


9 Kannada movies including Once Upon a Time in Jamaligudda, Undergraduate, Dwipatra, Made in Bangalore are releasing on December 30. It has movies of star actors like Dhananjaya and Loose Mada Yogi. Pre-Graduation, Made in Bangalore movies are newcomers but the film has interesting stories, it was seen in the trailer and songs.

Telugu, Tamil, Hindi movies

Among the 20 movies that will be released tomorrow, Telugu, Tamil and Hindi movies also have their share. There are many movies like ‘Rangi’ starring Trisha Krishnan in Tamil and ‘Driver Jamuna’ by Aishwarya Rajesh, Marathi movie ‘Ved’ starring Bollywood actors Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia, ‘Top Gear’ starring Adi Saikumar in Tollywood.

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Video-‘Everyone is asking why you have done so many movies…’- Actor ‘Dolly’ Dhananjay

‘Everyone is asking why you have done so many movies…’- Actor ‘Dolly’ Dhananjay

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