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Ankit Gupta’s farewell at Bigg Boss 16’s house! The ‘goddess of truth’ cried bitterly in a hug

Bigg Boss 16

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Ankit Gupta’s farewell at Bigg Boss 16’s house! 

Controversy keeps on happening in the house of Bigg Boss 16. Changes happen in the blink of an eye in the relationships of the members present in the house. While there was a lot of tussle between Shaleen and Tina yesterday, today something unexpected is going to happen in the Weekend Ka Vaar episode.

Actually, this time there was to be no eviction in the house. But to everyone’s surprise, Bigg Boss has ordered one such member out of the house in the upcoming episode, hearing which Priyanka Chaudhary will be hurt the most. This name will be revealed tonight. Not only this, Salman is also going to be seen giving a lot of class to Priyanka.

Priyanka becomes goddess

Bigg Boss 16: Ankit Gupta's farewell at Bigg Boss 16's house! The 'goddess of truth' cried bitterly in a hug

Two promos of ‘Saturday Ka Vaar’ episode of Bigg Boss have surfaced. While in one Salman Khan is seen reprimanding Priyanka Chahar Chowdhary, in the other a member of the house is seen getting evicted. This member of the house is none other than Priyanka’s best friend and actor Ankit Gupta. In the first promo, it was seen that Salman will make Priyanka sit on a plush white chair and will be seen taunting her saying that after many seasons I have found such a goddess who is inside the house…

Hey worship. As soon as Salman says this, Sajid Khan and Archana Gautam start worshiping Priyanka. Along with this, Salman Khan reprimanded Priyanka and said, ‘You just keep on talking. Thinks that you are always right and does not listen to others at all. Priyanka looks very disappointed after listening to Bhaijaan’s words.

Ankit Gupta’s farewell from the house

Bigg Boss 16

Bigg Boss 16

while in the second promo, Priyanka can be seen crying bitterly. Actually, after the farewell of Salman Khan, all the family members start preparing to sleep at night and are seen sitting in the living area. Meanwhile, Bigg Boss says – who will be evicted from the house today, you have to give any one of the four names. Shiv takes Ankit’s name as soon as Bigg Boss asks so much.

Whereas Priyanka takes the name of Vikas. Sajid Khan Tina Dutta and Archana Gautam also take Ankit’s name. After this, Priyanka is unable to stop her tears and cries profusely hugging Ankit.

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