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Is heroine Samantha going to act in hit-3 movie? When a netizen suggested her name, hero Adivi Sesh (Adivi Sesh) responded positively and tagged her. Samantha also reacted to that. Hero Nani (Nani) presented this hit-2 movie (HIT 2 Movie).. His sister Prashanthi Tripirneni produced this movie. This movie hit the theaters on Friday and got positive talk. More importantly.. Adushi Sesh’s performance in hit-2 movie got good marks.

Nani, who appeared in the climax of the hit-2 movie, hinted that Nani is going to play the lead role in the hit-3 movie. But now suddenly Samantha’s name came to the fore. In fact, Vishwak Sen acted as the hero in the movie ‘Hit’ which came out in 2020. After that, in Hit-2, now adavi Sesh made him the hero. Also, Nani’s name is confirmed in Hit-3 coming next year. But.. a netizen suggested that it would be great if Samantha played the lead role in this movie.

Director Rajamouli suggested to director Shailesh Kolana, presenter Nani and producer Prashanthi Tripirneni at the pre-release event of Hit-2 that they should turn it into a ‘hit’ franchise and make films every year. Shailesh Kolana also responded positively to that. In this background, there are indications that some more top heroes will also participate in this ‘hit’ franchise in the coming days.

Samantha, who played the lead role in the movie ‘Yashoda’ released in November, received praise from the critics. Samantha also performed stunts in this movie while undergoing treatment for a chronic disease called myositis. A netizen commented that it would be good if she played the lead role in a hit-3 movie. That’s what Adu Sesh tagged Samantha. Samantha Rowdy Police responded that the sound is very good. Also congratulated Adivasi Sesh for the success of Hit-2 movie. Samantha currently has two films in the form of ‘Sakuntala’ and ‘Khushi’.

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