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Director SS Rajamouli is going to be the chief guest at the prerelease event of HIT 2 movie. Adivi Sesh is the hero in this movie which is going to be released on December 2. Shailesh Kolanu has directed it. Presented by hero Nani, this movie is coming under the banner of Wall Booster Cinema.. Nani’s sister Prashanthi Tipirne is producing. This is the sequel to the hit movie that came out two years ago with Vishwak Sen as the hero.

The already released trailer of Hit-2 movie has increased the expectations of the movie. It seems that the second case is a suspense thriller movie. The sensor works have already been completed. It is reported that the run time is two hours. Being a crime movie and having some violent scenes, it was given an A certificate. Adushi Sesh, who scored good marks with this year’s major movie, is going to be seen as a police officer in this movie.

Hit-2 movie prerelease ceremony will be held at JRC convention hall on Monday. To this extent, a poster has also been released by Hit-2 film unit. The poster said that director SS Rajamouli is going to come to this event which will start at 6 o’clock that day. Rajamouli also came as the chief guest for the hit movie. As that movie became a hit, it seems that Nani called Rajamouli again for Hit-2 as a sentiment.

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