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‘Taj Mahal’, ‘Krishna Leela’, ‘Krishna Rukmini’ famous actor Ajay Rao Sandalwood has announced a new movie with a young director. The title teaser of the film has been released and the film is titled as ‘Yuddhkanda’. The title teaser is very interesting and is attracting the attention of the cynics.

This film is being produced by Ajay Rao under his own production company ‘Shrikrishna Arts and Creations’ and ‘Ajay Rao Productions’. Through this, Krishna Leela is once again embarking on a production venture after the movie. Ajay Rao, who is appearing as a lawyer in the film, was launched by a lawyer himself.

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When ‘Yuddhkanda’ is mentioned, everyone remembers the legendary Ravi Sir movie. The director of that movie K. I was fortunate to work with V Raju sir as an assistant director. When this movie was launched, I first met Ravi sir and took his blessings. He blessed me with good luck. But this film has nothing to do with the film ‘Yuddhkanda’ which came out then. Ajay Rao shared information that this is not even a remake movie.

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It has been 20 years since he entered the film industry. I have seen both success and failure as an actor. I came to Bangalore thinking that I should experiment in all fields of cinema and not just be an actor. I have also done the hero as a character artist. I am also a producer through Krishna Leela movie. Ajay Rao reminisced about his journey in the film industry saying that he is now producing his second film after seven years.

Pawan Bhatt of Cutting Shop fame is directing the movie ‘Yuddhkanda’. The film has Karthik Sharma camera work, KB Praveen music direction. The team of ‘Yuddhkanda’ will share more information about the movie soon.

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