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Bhediya Twitter Review:: Bollywood hero Varun Dhawan (Varun Dhawan) and Kriti Sanon (Bhediya) movie released today in Telugu with the title Todelu. Some of the viewers who have already seen this movie abroad, how is the movie? The matter is being shared through Twitter. What if a man bitten by a wolf turns into a wolf? Did director Amar Kaushik, who took the short line, please the audience? How is Varun Dhawan’s performance? How did Kriti Sanon do it? Netizens are sharing about other actors, BGM work etc.

Varun Dhawan, Kriti Sanon, Abhishek Banerjee, Deepak Dobriyal and others acted in this movie. Netizens are saying that Varun Dhawan has acted well in this horror and fiction drama movie. More importantly, it is understood through the tweets that the wolf is hooked on his gestures. But.. they are reacting somewhat negatively in the case of Kriti Sasan. In terms of acting, she did not get much scope.. Those who acted as Varun Dhawan’s friends are also saying that they were relieved in front of him. Although the comedy tracks are good, they are not completely satisfying.

Deepak Dobriyal’s character length is very short, but netizens are saying that he acted well as long as he appeared on screen. Jishnu Bhattacharjee’s camera work is widely appreciated. It is said that the cinematography of the film is the highlight of the film because some scenes in the forests have been shot very well. Netizens are of the opinion that Bhedia movie with overall thrilling elements can be enjoyed if you go to the theater without any expectations.

Of course, Varun Dhawan is no stranger to such experimental films. Earlier he did films like ‘Badlapur’ and ‘October’. After that, this hero, who went to the commercial side, experimented again with Bhedia. On the other hand, Amar Kaushik also impressed the fans with films like ‘Bala’, ‘Stree’. But if you go to this Bhedia with those movies in mind, you will be disappointed. Criticism is also being heard that Amar Kaushik did not focus on the story of this film in the manner of Bala and Stri series.

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