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Harish Basavaraj
New directors are increasingly telling stories with a new kind of narrative these days. People are accepting such stories whole heartedly. The movie ‘Tagaru Palya’ was announced a few days ago with a similar story. Nagabhushan is playing the lead role in this movie. Umesh K. Krupa is directing. This movie is being produced under Dolly Dhananjay’s Dolly Pictures banner. Recently, the first look of this movie was launched in Davangere.

Umesh has worked with Yogaraj Bhatt
Umesh K. Krupa worked as an art director. He has been in the directorial team with director Yograj Bhatt for many years. ‘Tagaru Palya’ is his first directorial movie. After hearing the story, actor Dhananjaya announced that he would produce it himself. Actor Nagabhushan spoke to Lavalavike about this movie.

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The story of the entire movie takes place around the pros
This is the story of rituals in rural areas. Many villages have a custom of cooking together and serving food to the people during the village god festival. This is called para. The story of the entire movie revolves around this aspect. Bhakti, relatives, cooking, relationship between relatives, inner desire and many other ideas come and go in this movie. The whole movie takes place in a village,’ said Nagabhushan.

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Tara and Rangayana Raghu are the main characters
‘This is tagaru palya like egg palya and chicken palya. It seems to be on the North Karnataka side. The director has given the same title because it is suitable for the story. I was not in this movie. But after telling the story, the director said that it would be good if you did the role yourself. So we agreed. Tara and Rangayana Raghu are the main characters in this movie. My role comes on them. ‘Tagaru Palya’ is a movie that highlights the rituals and traditions of rural areas. The story takes place in the entire rural area’ is Nagabhushan’s words. The shooting will start from December and the rest of the details will be given by the film team soon.

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