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AirAsia India passengers can now enjoy high resolution digital content including movies, web series and news articles. The airline on Tuesday announced a partnership with hyperlocal cloud platform Sugarbox to launch the first in-flight experience hub. Sugarbox and AirAsia have introduced the ‘Airflix’ service in this partnership.

What is this service?

Through Airflix, passengers will get a chance to watch 6,000 hours of HD content and web series along with 1,000 plus Bollywood and Hollywood movies for free. The most important thing is that users will not have the problem of buffering while watching movies even in flight.

The company will offer these facilities

‘AirFlix’ is powered by the patented Cloud Fragment technology developed by Sugarbox, which provides digital access to passengers even without in-flight connectivity. It is integrated and operated with AirAsia India’s in-flight ancillary platform, enabling customers to browse the menu using their personal devices. With this, there will be a speed of up to 1 Gbps and there is 8 TB of storage. With this you will enjoy gaming and you will also be able to read news articles in flight. Apart from this, you will also be able to do online shopping.

Chief Marketing Officer gave information

Speaking about the launch, Siddharth Butalia, Chief Marketing Officer, AirAsia India, said, “We are delighted to introduce the ‘Airflix’ Experience Hub to travelers and partner with Sugarbox on their pioneering technology platform, which offers a comprehensive and immersive content experience. offer a more diverse range and a literally enhanced user experience. We look forward to leveraging the potential of this platform, introducing innovative features and technology integrations that go beyond in-flight dining, entertainment and shopping, and enable personalized experiences.

Sugarbox owner expressed happiness

Talking about the collaboration, Rohit Paranjpe, Co-Founder & CEO, Sugarbox said, “We are delighted to partner with AirAsia India to revolutionize the in-flight experience with ‘Airflix’. This is first of its kind initiative globally. Where we are bringing the power of the cloud to the aircraft using Sugarbox’s patented Cloud Fragment technology. This enables ‘Airflix’ to offer several firsts in the industry – access to OTT apps, e-commerce, news, podcasts and in-flight F&B ordering, thereby unlocking limitless opportunities for consumers through relevant, hyperlocal experiences. is the beginning of. I’m very excited about the things to come for ‘Airflix’ and look forward to introducing this experience to passengers.

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