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Sudigali Sudheer, popular as ‘Jabardast’ comedian, has a strong fan base in Telugu states. Whatever show Sudheer Sudheer does on TV, his fans love him immensely. However, when it comes to movies.. it has not received proper success till now. His first movie ‘Software Sudheer’, in which he acted as a hero, did not do well. And the second movie ‘Wanted Pandigad’ turned out to be a disaster. Sudhir’s fan base could not save these two films. But, the third movie ‘Gaalodu’ (Gaalodu) stood.

The movie ‘Galodu’ is getting good response from Sudhir’s fans as well as audience in Telugu states. Sudheer probably didn’t expect this level of response. The film grossed more than one crore rupees on the first day. It is remarkable that Sudhir’s ‘Galodu’ has collected more on its opening day than some of the small hero films that have been in the industry since time immemorial. This movie has got the highest collection in Andhra area. Compared to the first day, the collection on the second day on Saturday was a little less, but on Sunday it picked up again.

Trade sources say that ‘Galodu’, which collected gross close to Rs.1 crore on Saturday, grossed more than Rs.1.5 crore on Sunday. It is said that “Galodu” grossed about four crore rupees in three days. Among the small films released on Friday, ‘Galodu’ became the weekend’s number one grosser. On Monday ‘Galodu’ is expected to cross the break even mark and go into profit.

With ‘Galodu’, Sudheer Sudheer as a hero has gone up a notch. He has established a strong market for himself among the mass audience. However, Sudhir’s career growth depends on the stories he chooses in the future. In fact, some people say that ‘Galodu’ is a routine commercial film.. There is nothing new. Arguments are also heard that the film is playing because of Sudhir’s image. So, in future Sudheer should select different scripts instead of such routine stories. If so, there is a chance for Sudhir to grow as a hero.

Meanwhile, Gehna Sippi acted as the heroine opposite Sudheer in the movie ‘Galodu’. Director-producer Rajasekhar Reddy Pulicharla, who introduced Sudheer Sudheer as a hero with the movie ‘Software Sudheer’, also directed the movie ‘Galodu’. He is also the director and producer of this movie. C. Ramprasad provided the cinematography for this movie with music composed by Bheems Cicerolio.

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