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Actor Komal Kumar stayed away from the film industry for some time. Now he is busy in the paint world again. He has already finished the movie ‘2020’ and now he has started another movie. Specially, his wife is the producer of this movie. Yes, this movie is titled ‘Kalaya Namah’. Komal’s wife Anasuya is producing this movie and currently the shooting of this movie is going on in Bangalore.

Sharing information about this movie, Komal Kumar said, ‘The influence of planets in human life is immense. It was like that in my life too. Our elder brother Jaggesh said, see my horoscope a few years ago, now you have Ketu Desi. So he said to be a little careful. I was worshiping Kalabhairava, the god of our town. Now the time has come. ‘Kalaya Namah’ has started. Devotee of Lord Kalabhairava is also the title of my movie. It is a coincidence that it starts from time. Time does not stand still. Time waits for no one. This is how our movie about time goes. My wife Anasuya is producing this film. Mativanan is directing. My brother Jaggesh is collaborating. The 2020 film in which I acted is also coming out soon,’ said Komal Kumar.

Interesting title for the new movie starring Komal! The heroine is also fixed for the film!
‘I don’t know who believes in astrology or abandons it. But I have faith. Komal has Ketu desa. I said not to do anything till 2022. He listened to me and acted like that. Now he has started this film with the kindness of Kalabhairavan. My son Yathiraj is also acting in this film. I am confident that a good film will come from this team. Good luck to all..’ said actor Jaggesh.

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‘Kalaya Namah’ is a film with a good story. Director Mathivanan said that it is a pleasure to work with Komal. Actress Asia Firdos, who has experience of painting in serials, is the heroine of this movie. Jaggesh’s son Yathiraj said, ‘Uncle has given me a good role, thanks.’ Suchendra Prasad and Tilak are playing the lead roles. The production is done by Anasuya Komal Kumar and the music is directed by Emil. Photography by Rakesh C. Tilak’s.

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