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Hero-cum-director Rishab Shetty gave an update on Kantara Sequel in a recent interview. The movie was released in Kannada on September 30. It was released in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi on October 15. It became a super hit in all the languages ​​it was released in and rained collections. For the last few days, it is being spread that the production company ‘Hombale Films’ is planning to make a sequel to this movie. Recently Rishabh Shetty gave a clarity.

Rishabh Shetty replied to a question about Kantara’s sequel, “I can’t say anything about the sequel right now. But surely we will think. There are many sub-stories related to ‘Bhutakola’. We will take one story from them as the story for the sequel. We call ‘Bhutakola’ as Daivakolam. What is the reason for calling it that? We don’t just think of the ‘O’ that Bhootakola screams when playing. We respect it as a divine judgment. What would it be like if all the energy of nature was concentrated in a person who plays a demon? We have tried to show that aspect in Kantara” he replied.

50 days have already passed since the release of the movie Kantara.. still this movie is going on in many theaters. Kantara, which has collected more than Rs. 350 crores overall, is worth mentioning that it has collected Rs. 65 crores in Telugu alone. A dubbing movie starring and directed by little-known Kannada hero-cum director Rishabh Shetty is surprising the trade circles.

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