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Senior actor Naresh and Pavitra Lokesh are going to do a movie together. These two, who have already acted as husband and wife in many films, are going to act as hero and heroine for the first time. While these two have been living together for some time now, it became known to everyone when Naresh’s third wife Ramya Raghupathi caught both of them in a hotel a few days ago.

On learning that Naresh and Lokesh were staying in a hotel in Mysore, Ramya Raghupathi caught them and scolded them. With that, the matter was raised by the media. Naresh and Pavitra are officially dating after that fight. Superstar Krishna passed away recently.. both were side by side during the funeral.

It seems that the movie is going to show the personal lives of Naresh and Pavitra. A talk is heard that the story has already been prepared with the challenges faced in personal and professional life. What actually happened by making the film? Why this decision had to be made? It seems that both of them thought to give a clarity to everyone. The last movie in which these two acted together was ‘All good.. I should be there in it’. This movie was released in OTT.

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