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Harish Basavaraj
Prashant Rajappa, who has written dialogues for more than 25 movies in Kannada cinema, is now wearing the director’s cap and will direct a new movie for actor Rishi. He spoke with Lavalavike about his directorial debut film and the story.

Already Bharjari Chetan Kumar, M.S. Many conversationalists like Ramesh, Tusshar Ranganath have been successful as directors. Prashant Rajappa is also ready to join their ranks. ‘Victory’, ‘Adhyaksha’, ‘Ranna’, ‘Pogaru’, ‘Hundsi Shruhi’ are important movies written by Prashant Rajappa. In addition to this, he has also worked in the direction department and has worked as a director with Guruprasad.

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‘I also entered the film industry as a director. I wanted to direct for a long time. It is now being fulfilled. Rishi is the hero for my first movie. This is a comedy emotional drama story. In this two characters are important and we are telling the events that happen between them in this film. I am handling the responsibility of story, screenplay and dialogue for this movie. As of now, Rishi is the only one who has been selected, while the other lead role will be played by leading supporting artists of Indian cinema. We will reveal it soon’ said Prashant Rajappa.

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Prashant Rajappa has made a name for himself in the Kannada film industry through his dialogues. Two or three stories were told in the first meeting. I liked them all. So I told them to do whatever they like. He said that he will do the story that he thinks now. It is a complete entertaining as well as an emotional story. Good script, I like it a lot’ says actor Rishi.

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Prashant Rajappa has planned to start the shooting of this movie from the end of January. By then, the details about the heroine and the rest of the artists and technicians will be given.

I like Prashant Rajappa’s thinking style very much. This movie was okay on the first visit. We are united by one script. Prashant’s usual style will continue here as well.
-Rishi, actor

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