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The new movie has officially started with young protagonist Karthik Raju as the hero. Dandamudi Avanindra Kumar is producing this movie under the direction of Anji Ram under the banners of Quick Nagar Dandamudi Box Office and Sai Sravanti Movies. Producer Dandamudi Avanindra Kumar clapped for the momentous scene. Popular singer Mano switched on the camera. Akash Puri was the honorary director. Noted lyricist Bhaskara Bhatla has given the script. On this occasion..

Hero Karthik Raju said, “I am doing a movie in Dandamudi box office production. A love, action and crime drama based on true events. Anudeep Dev is providing the music. will be new. I can definitely say that it is a different script. A good team is formed. We will come to you with a good movie,” he said. Producer Dandamuri Arvind Kumar said, “We have started Dandamuri Box Office Production No. 2 movie. We have made preparations to shoot this movie in Hyderabad, Bangkok and Phuket. “Our plan is to complete the shooting of the movie in 35-40 days,” he said.

Gottipati Sai said, “We have made preparations to shoot the film in Hyderabad, Bangkok and Phuket in a single schedule. Karthik Raju and Thwarita are acting as heroines. The main cast is many more. We are planning to complete the film as soon as possible and bring it to the audience,” he said. Director Anji Ram said, “I am happy to become a director through Dandamudi box office production. Gottipati Saigaru is the executive producer and Dandamudi Avanindra Kumar is producing the film. Proud to work with such good producers. We will make a film to bring good name to this banner. The story is written based on the social crime issues currently happening in the society. The script is well done. We wanted to complete the film in a single schedule,” he said.

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