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‘Tsunami’ Kitty, who became famous through reality shows, has now made a new movie. That movie is named ‘Kora’. This movie is directed by Mr. Sri, who earlier made a name for himself with the movie ‘Orata I Love You’, has now directed ‘Kora’. Actor Dhruva Sarja has released the teaser of the movie ‘Kora’ and wished him all the best.

People rushed into the theater like a tsunami
After releasing the teaser of ‘Kora’, Dhruva Sarja said, ‘Shashank Seshagiri has composed the background music of this film, and the teaser has sounded amazing. Tsunami Kitty has bravely handled the adventure situations. After the release of this movie, people are sure to flock to the theater like a tsunami. The producer of this movie has also acted very well as the villain. The teaser has good positive vibes. May the entire film team be well..” he wished.

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This movie was directed by P. Made by Murthy. ‘I am very happy that the teaser of our film has been released by actor Dhruva Sarja. All the artists worked very hard to make the film. Apart from producing, I also acted as a villain in the film. May the blessings of all be on the film team’, the producer requested.

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Talking about the happiness of becoming a hero through the movie ‘Kora’, Tsunami Kitty said, ‘I am very happy to be launched as a hero under Murthy’s banner. I entered as a hero through Kora. Support this movie as you have supported me in reality shows…’ he said.
Sharing information about the film, director Sri said, ‘We are going to tell the story of a tribe in Kora. It is from them that the forest remains today. We all have to work to save the tribals. His feelings, rituals, thought, pain are all in the movie. All this is tied together with an action package on a very large scale. The producers have supported it to a great extent and it is being released as a pan India movie. “Most of the shooting is over, two fight scenes are still left,” he said.

Mohanlal on one side, Sanjay Dutt on the other; Big Signal Kotru ‘Jogi’ Prem!
P. under the banner of Ratnamma Movies. Murthy ‘Kora’ is lavishly produced, Shashank Seshagiri has background music, Hemanth Kumar music direction, Selvam cinematography, K.Girish Kumar editing, Ravivarma action direction. The movie ‘Kora’ was shot in Sakaleshpur, Kukke Subramanya, Dharmasthala, Bangalore. M. The film has a star cast of K Math, Muniraju, Saujanya. Charishma is playing the female lead in the film.

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