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VVVinayak (VVVinayak) is a director of commercial films who has produced super duper hits with star heroes. He has done blockbusters with top heroes like Chiranjeevi, Balakrishna, Ntr (Jr Ntr) and Ram Charan. Vinayak’s specialty is to make entertaining films by combining elements that the audience likes and appreciates. His career also includes disaster movies. He talks very well about blockbuster movies, but he also talks openly about his disaster movies.

‘Akhil’ is one of the disaster movies directed by Vinayak. Akkineni hero Akhil Akkineni (Akhil Akkineni) acted as the hero in this. Released with huge expectations, the film met with unexpected results. Speaking about this in a recent interview, Vinayak said, “In the case of the movie ‘Akhil’, what we thought did not happen. I thought that no one should be bothered by my film. Especially buyers. For that, I put a big man in the middle and settled by giving a large amount of money. I have no problem with this.

But my main problem is that Akhil wanted to do a film with me and he did it in love. The pain of not being able to give success to such a hero still hurts me every day. But Akhil will become a big superstar one day. I think Akhil’s film has become too much for him to carry. It must be our greed. There were no CGs in the matter of release either. We have become a kind of mental. He said that he did not even watch the movie in its entirety.

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