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The movie ‘Kambihula’ made by new talents is making a lot of noise. This movie opened on November 4. Now the celebrities and audience who have appreciated the film are sharing words of appreciation on social media. Everyone is saying bahuparak to new director Navan Srinivas Prarishram, who has elegantly tied a love story of the hills on the screen. Jayathirtha, Dhananjaya, Yogaraj Bhat and many others are supporting the film team. Besides, director Simple Suni has also seen the movie and has given a new offer to the audience.

Suni posted after watching the movie
Director Simple Suni got excited after seeing the movie ‘Kambihula’. He has seen the movie and praised it. He stands in support of the entire film team. In addition to this, he has also given an offer to those who come to see the movie ‘Kambihula’. To that extent, this movie has caught Simple Suni’s mind. After all, what is their offer? Suni said that after the second half of the movie Kamblihula, the audience came out of the theater saying that the movie is not good and they will refund the half price of the ticket. They have posted on their social media that this offer is available for the next three days only. The film team is also happy to see the love shown by Simple Suni for the movie.

Araga Gyanendra who released the trailer of ‘Kamblihula’; This is a story that takes place in the mountains
‘The boys of my directorial team saw this film and wanted me to see it. Though confusing while watching the first half, in the script of the second half, one shot was also connected. The throbbing of heart-pounding emotions, the closure of the characters at the end was amazing. May the satisfaction of watching one film reach you.. Watch the film and wish’ Suni said.

The team of ‘Kambihula’ charmed by singing ‘Jari Vidima Yaki Nagu..’
Audience members are also enjoying watching the movie. Those who have already seen it are writing in social media expressing their appreciation for the movie. Support Kamblihula, our soil movie is trending on social media using hash tag. You have to understand that the movie is so good. The film team claims that they are happy to see the love and support that everyone is showing towards the film.

‘September 13 Cinema’ written and produced by MLA Evan Nigli is ready for release.
New talent Navan Srinivas has directed the movie ‘Kambihula’. Navan, who was popular earlier by making short films, has now made a full-length film. Anjan Nagendra and Ashvita R Hegde are playing the lead and heroine roles in this film. The movie is produced under Gray Square Studios banner and cinematography is by Satish Rajendra. Edited by Jitendra Nayaka and Raghavendra TK. Shiv Prasad has music direction for the film ‘Kambihula’. The song ‘Jaribidima..’ from this movie is a huge hit.

‘Everybody beats the girl in the opposite house. But these…’- Simple Suni

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