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Star director Shankar is one of the directors who brought a huge impact to the southern cinema. Bollywood audience does not need any special introduction about him who makes larger than life movies. There is no doubt that even the star heroes would like to do a film with him. Meanwhile.. Currently pan India fever is high in the film industry. Shankar already has two Pan India films in his hands. One is with Ram Charan and the other is Indian 2 starring Kamal Haaan. Shankar is going forward by completing the shooting of these films almost automatically as per the planning.

Shankar usually finishes one film but does not start another. There is no doubt why they are making two such films at the same time. The real thing is that Shankar’s next movie is also going to be released in the pan India range. What is new in this? But this time, Shankar is going to make a film with three star heroes, not one, not two.

Another interesting news is that the three star heroes who are going to act in this movie are not who.. One is Suriya, another hero is Yash.. The third hero is Ranveer Singh from Bollywood. That too, this movie will be released in three parts. Shankar is opening the famous Tamil novel Velpari as a movie. The news that the film will be announced in the first half of next year and the shooting will start from the second half is being heard. A film with a star hero means Shankar who makes a film with five to six hundred crores of rupees.. If a film is made in three parts with three star heroes at the same time, the question of how many crores will be made with a budget has become a hot topic.

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