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Minister KTR made shocking comments on the farmhouse incident. He commented that a gang came down in the guise of abbots and went on a robbery spree. Let’s find out what Minister KTR said on this topic in TV9’s Big News Big Debate as usual..’A gang has come to steal. A gang came in the guise of abbots. The gang was caught in the crossfire. An investigation is underway. Investigating agencies are doing their job. As a minister of state, it is not appropriate for him to comment on it. BJP leaders accuse me of influencing the investigation no matter what I say. They demand that the case be immediately transferred and handed over to the Central CBI and ED. I will not fall into that trap. Everything is known in the audio clips. Who is the gang that came? Who are the elders consulted in Delhi? How many crores was the deal? What kind of talk? All the people have heard the stuff in the audio clips. MLAs will also come out. Everything will be told in front of people. They are pearls. Our four MLAs are great. Rs. The children of Telangana who came to the party leader and told him despite being offered 100 crores. They are committed unlike Rajagopal Reddy who sold out in Munugodu. BJP, which has brought down eight governments in the country, is going to try in Telangana too with over confidence like an expert. But, here they were hit by KCR. The devil came down to the blow. All their treasure is gone. The law will take care of itself. Investigating agencies have uncovered many things. A lot of evidence has been collected. There are videos and audios. There are hours and hours of clips. Everything will come out. Only the trailer came yesterday. The original movie is in front. Not only the state, but the people of the country will see it. Wait and see,” said Minister KTR.

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