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Srisha Sivaraman

One of the biggest wishes of Malayalee cinema lovers is that they want an IMAX theater in Kerala too. Now that desire is about to blossom. A tweet by IMAX Theater Asia Vice President Pritam Daniel is now going viral. His tweet says that IMAX theater is starting at Lulu Mall in Thiruvananthapuram. In connection with the release of Avatar 2, the first IMAX theater is coming to Kerala.

Hollywood films are mostly shot in IMAX format. They are shot on the i Max camera itself. I Max cameras are very expensive. The weight is also very high. That is why they are not so easy to handle. Only highly skilled technicians will find this camera easy to shoot with. iMax is Image Maximum. This format is meant to provide the best image at the highest quality. Standard movies are in 35mm film format. It is 70mm when it comes to i Max. This is the biggest difference. A film shot in IMAX on a normal projector cannot be run on a normal projector. For that, use the same IMAX projector that comes with 2 lenses.

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These can be very large and bulky. A much expanded movie experience can be had with iMax. This will give you the feeling of stepping inside the movie. Building i-theaters is also done differently. They have a very tall and large screen. An IMAX theater screen is called an IMAX dome. The IMAX theater screen will be built in a slightly recessed manner. This construction is done so that those sitting in the front and those behind get the same kind of view. Compared to other formats, the ratio of iMac is different. You can watch the movie in bigger size. IMAX offers a better experience than the standard format.

IMAX movies may not offer the same experience as a regular theater screening. 26% smaller picture size can be seen in normal theaters. Some part from the top and some part from the bottom cannot be seen on a normal screen. Audio in iMac Movie format can never be recorded with the film itself. Instead a separate audio film is created and played along with the film screening. It has 6 channel sound. Naturally, the sound quality is much better than in a typical theater. Normal movies are shot at 24 frames per second, but when shot on IMAX, this is doubled. The iMac will shoot movies at 48 frames per second.

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IMAX has also released a way to transfer currently produced movies to IMAX. The technology now exists to convert images shot on normal 35mm film format to IMAX film through a process called unaging. But this is a very expensive process. And it takes a lot of time. It is possible to change one that has worked for months. If any dust particles or something comes during the change, the process of cleaning it is also very expensive. It is possible to watch i Max 3D movies with glasses just like watching a normal 3D movie. This polarized mirror works with dual slitting technology. This includes the theater experience where the chair we sit on shakes and we move. The price of a ticket in an IMAX theater is two to three times the price of a ticket in a regular theater.

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