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Who’s the hottest busy actor in Sandalwood, everyone points towards the ‘hat-trick hero’ Sivarajkumar. He is already busy with four or five movies and now he has signed another movie. He will do OK with any new type of story he likes. Now the new movie which has been accepted has been announced today on the occasion of Diwali.

Karthik is directing this new movie. Karthik has already directed a film in Tamil starring Vikram Prabhu and Dolly Dhananjaya. Now Karthik is directing his first movie in Kannada.

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Shivarajkumar’s movie is a new age action thriller genre movie. The story, narration, Shivrajkumar’s role will be different. Filming will start in 2023. Today is Diwali so we are announcing the movie,’ said director Karthik.

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It is already confirmed that Shivanna will star alongside Rajinikanth in the movie ‘Jailor’ directed by Nelson. After that, Arun Madeswaran also approached Sivarajkumar for the movie ‘Captain Miller’. The movie ‘Captain Miller’ has a pre-independence story and Dhanush is playing the hero. Now Karthik Chaudhary has joined hands with Shivanna for a new movie.

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Shivanna is likely to act in Dhanush starrer ‘Captain Miller’. Captain Miller director Arun Madeswaran came to Bangalore and narrated the story. He spent a day and a half with me and had dinner with me. This story is very good and my character is also very special. But now that I have accepted four or five movies in Kannada, I am thinking how to fix the dates for it. I have told the director that I will call after fixing the dates,’ said Shivarajkumar.

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