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Dhruva Sarja, Manoranjan Ravichandran supported Shreyas Manju’s movie ‘Rana’ » Jsnewstimes

The action trailer of ‘Rana’ starring Shreyas son of producer K.Manju has been released by action prince Dhruva Sarja.

Shreyas is my best friend. His hard work for this film is seen in the trailer. With the confluence of good technicians and artists, this film has come out well under the helm of K. Manju. I will see the first day. Dhruva Sarja said you see.

Crazystar Ravichandran’s son Vikram Ravichandran also attended the function and wished him well.

Cinema is my breath. After three and a half years (Padde Huli), my movie ‘Rana’ is releasing on November 11. Shreyas gets emotional that I have been waiting for this day. Shreyas thanked Dhruva Sarja for encouraging and releasing the trailer and the dignitaries who came.

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Thanks to K.Manju and Purushottam for giving me the opportunity. The film turned out well and that credit goes to my entire team. Director Nandakishore said special thanks to Dhruva Sarja who has been supporting the film since its inception.

After “Ek Love Ya” I acted in “Rana”. May your support for this film said heroine Reeshma Nanaiah. Rajini Bharadwaj, Raghu, Mohan Dhanraj etc. talked about their role.

Chandan Shetty said that he has also done re-recording for this film along with music direction. Cinematographer Shekhar Chandra also spoke about “Rana”.

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Really good movie “Rana”. 11.11.22 good day this movie is releasing. K. Manju said that there is a good future for the upcoming young actors including my son.

Producer Gujjal Purushottam said that the film has been made well under the leadership of K. Manju and with the cooperation of the entire team.

Many dignitaries including producers KCN Kumar, Surappa Babu, Ramesh Reddy, Chetan Gowda, Kaddipudi Chandru, Raitha Keshav and director Mahesh Kumar congratulated the team of “Rana”.

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