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What is the 61st movie of actor Ajith Kumar? This question was answered many days ago. Director H. He joined hands again with Vinod and the shooting started. But neither the title nor the first look was revealed. Now the film team has given a big update about that. Ajith Kumar’s new movie is titled ‘Tunivu’. Tunivu means courage.. fortitude. Ajith fans are thrilled to see the first look.

This is a robbery story

The movie ‘Tunivu’ has a heist story. Ajith, director Vinod, producer Boney Kapoor, cinematographer Nirav Shah have reunited for this thriller. Earlier they all worked together for the movie ‘Nerkonda Parvai’. It was a remake of Hindi movie Pink. Now they have teamed up again for the movie ‘Tunivu’.

Ajith: Actor Ajith Kumar repaired a bike for a Kannadigas in Ladakh
Manju Varrier is the heroine in this movie. Recently, Ajith took a bike trip. At that time, Manju Warrier was also with him. He also traveled to Ladakh with the team. Along with Ajith, Manju Warrier, Veera, Samudrakhani, GM Sundar, John Kokain, Ajay etc have painted in ‘Tunivu’. This movie has music direction by Gibran. This movie is being produced by Zee Studios and Bayview.

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By the way, director H. Vinod is doing a film with Ajith for the third time in a row. Earlier Vinod and Ajith had done the movies ‘Nerkonda Parvai’ and ‘Valimai’ together. Now they have reunited for the third time for the film ‘Tunivu’.

Ajith who helped Kannadiga
Recently, Ajith was on a bike trip in Ladakh, where Kannadigas Manju Kashyap helped him. ‘I used to travel in Ladakh on a bike. My bike stopped suddenly. I was parked on the side of the road. Ajith and his friends were going the same way. When I asked for help, Ajith immediately stopped his bike and rushed to help. We didn’t know he was Ajith then. Later came to know. Later Ajith drank tea with us at a roadside shop. He spoke with us for 10 minutes. Also, he told about his previous road trip. The reason I am writing all this is that a man who is a legend has zero attitude and has amazing love for people and fans. I am lucky. I will never forget this day when he changed my outlook completely,’ wrote Manju. He also shared photos with Ajith.

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