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Strange incident happened at Kakinada Ramya Hospital: In Megastar Tagore’s movie, Manchi plays a juicy drama where doctors treat a dead body for money. Do you remember.. Doctors repeated such drama in a private hospital. A woman who came to the hospital for medical examination was told that she was pregnant and treated for 9 months. In this order fake tablets were also given to grow the stomach. They said that if you come to the hospital in time for Tira’s delivery, you will not be pregnant. The doctor’s thieving treatment drama for money has created a local uproar. This strange incident in Kakinada came to light on Tuesday (September 20). If we go into the details..

Mahalakshmi, who hails from Gokavar in East Godavari district, got married to V Satyanarayana from Yanam a few years ago. In January this year, Satyanarayana took his wife to Ramya Hospital in Gandhinagar, Kakinada for a medical examination. The doctors who conducted the tests said that Mahalakshmi is pregnant. She was also examined for 9 months. Doctors used to scan and prescribe medicines every time. In this order, the date of delivery was finalized after scanning in the sixth month. He said that it will be delivered on September 22. So they went to Mahalakshmi’s birthplace for Purudu. Her parents took her to the local government hospital for a medical check-up and when the doctors scanned her, everyone was stunned. They concluded that Mahalakshmi was not actually pregnant. Bewildered by this, the family members brought Mahalakshmi to Kakinada Ramya Hospital for scanning. The person doing the scan said there was no baby in her womb. When the relatives questioned the doctor, the family members gathered in front of the hospital and became agitated as the answers were inconclusive.

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Since nine months, thousands of rupees have been spent in the name of medicine. Medicines were prescribed every month to ensure that the child was growing healthy. Their daughter’s stomach became bigger after using this medicine. Relatives protested in front of the hospital demanding strict action against such bogus doctors who play with lives for money.

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