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PRK Productions was started by ‘Power Star’ Dr. Puneeth Rajkumar. Puneeth may not be physically with us today. But their dreams are coming true. New type of movies are coming through his dream arm PRK Productions. At present, the shooting of the movie ‘O2’, which was set under the banner of PRK Productions, is complete.

Muhurat was in October
Praveen Tej and Ashika Ranganath’s Mookhyabhumike movie ‘O2’ was released on October 8 last year. Puneeth was also present in that program. The shooting had also started. But the shoot got delayed due to Puneeth’s death. After that, the film team, which started shooting again in January, has now completed the entire shoot.

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This movie is directed by Prashant Raj and Raghav Nayak. Along with Praveen Tej and Ashika Ranganath, the film also stars RJ Siri, Puneeth BA, theater actor Mohan. Naveen of ‘Ramarjuna’, ‘Buddhivanta 2’ fame has done the cinematography. This is a medical thriller type movie.

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Puneeth Rajkumar was a fan of ‘O2’
Giving information about this, Praveen said, ‘Appu sir was present during the muhurta and first phase of the shooting of this movie. He was very happy to see the footage of the movie. He spoke a lot of words of appreciation. Working under PRK Productions banner is a great blessing. We got better facilities than expected. This movie is very updated. There is very good content in this movie.’

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Movies produced by PRK Productions
Previously from PRK agency ‘Kavaludaari’ directed by Hemant Rao, ‘Mayabazaar’ by Radhakrishna Reddy, ‘La’ starring Ragini Chandran, ‘French Biryani’ directed by Pannag Bharan, ‘Family Pack’ starring Likhit Shetty and Amrita Iyengar, ‘Man of the Day’ directed by Satya Prakash Match’ Danish Seth starrer ‘One Cut to Cut’ movies have been released. What is special is that while the movies ‘Kavaludari’ and ‘Mayabazar’ have been released directly in theaters, most of the movies have been released in OTT. Produced by PRK Productions, ‘Gandhad Gudi’ will hit the screens on October 28.

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