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Brahmastra Box Office Collection Day 12 (Early Trends): Ranbir’s film stays steady

Brahmastra Box Office Collection Day 12: The spectacle of visuals Brahmastra was admitted to the 200 Cr club last the 10th of Sep (Day 10,) and is steady during the weekdays following the normal drop on Monday based on the reports of its bookings in advance.

It is now the 2nd highest-grossing Hindi film of 2022, following The Kashmir Files, however, it trails the Dubbed Hindi version from RRR as well as KGF2. The total domestic revenue of Brahmastra is more than Rs . 212 million.

The next goal for the film is to surpass The Kashmir Files’ total domestic sales throughout its lifetime to become the top grosser in 2022 for an entirely Hindi film. If the film’s performance is anything like this film, the movie could surpass The Kashmir Files in the third week’s weekdays, and then go after Rajamouli’s RRR in its fourth weekend.

Is Brahmastra in Profit?

Brahmastra is a huge-budget film that is estimated to cost 410 crores. it has produced more than 200 crores in just 10 days and is anticipated to reach the 300-320 million mark at the end of its period. Brahmastra is a joint venture that shares 5 percent of the gross revenues with producers.

But even if it reaches the 300 crores mark, the producers will only receive 135 crores (45 percent shares). If it does manage to generate the 410 crores net collections during its tenure, however, it must raise 275 crores more to be able to break even according to an interview to the business standards by the top executive of the production house.

FYI The digital rights to Brahmastra are believed to be sold for 150 million for Disney+Hotstar. It is therefore likely that it the film will have a tough time earning money from its theatre earnings and not just.

Box Office Collection Day 12

In terms of the box office, the film Ranbir is doing as a classic film which means a massive drop on Mondays, and an upward trend during weekends is expected. Brahmastra is doing well during the week however, it’s still selling tickets that exceed 50k.

The film was able to sell more than 51,000 tickets on the 12th day of the festival, worth around Rs 1.11 crore. These are comprised of the Hindi version, Rs 1.02 Cr Telugu the Telugu version at Rs 6.7L as well as Tamil 1.89L. 1.89L. Based on this, it could add 4.5-5 million additional Cash Registers Tuesday to bring the total domestic earnings of the film in the region of $217 crores in all versions.

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