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Actress Reeshma Nanaiah danced as ‘Mellusire Savigana’ in the movie ‘Spooky College’. » Jsnewstimes

The first look motion poster and teaser of the movie ‘Spooky College’ starring Vivek Sinha and Khushi Ravi has gone viral after being released a few days ago. Now in this movie, an evergreen song of Kannada cinema has been used and Reeshma Nanaiah danced to that song ‘Ek Love Ya’.

Directed by Bharat, this movie has a horror story. The film has been shot in a college in Dharwad which has a history of hundreds of years. The evergreen song ‘Mellusire Savigana’ from the movie ‘Veera Kesari’ starring Dr.Rajkumar is being used for one of the main scenes of the movie.

We did not write this song just for fun. The song needed for the story. In the story, all the college boys go to the dense forest of Dandeli. That’s where this song comes in. Also, the lyrics of ‘Mellusire Savigana’ are very suitable for that situation. We have used it as a story-telling song in our movie,’ said director Bharat.

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‘Since this is Annavra’s song, we thought that it should be used brilliantly if there is a celebrity for it. Then we also thought of famous South Indian actresses. We approached Reeshma with the intention that it would be okay if our song, the beauty of our country, is there. We have seen many of his video songs. After seeing his dance in Ek Love Ya, we decided that he is the right person for this. We told him about the sequence of the song and what the set, costume, and steps are like and listened to the song. Bharat said that he immediately agreed without speaking again.

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We have recreated the forest for this song. Reeshma participated in a workshop for a few days, practiced dance and got ready for this song. Bhushan master choreography. He has also taken this song as a challenge. Everything turned out great. It is our team’s belief that this will give people a different treat in cinema. Producer HK Prakash provided all necessary cooperation. He set for many days so that the song should not fall short in any way. Bharat informed that their cooperation cannot be forgotten.

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Rakesh Pujari, Sharanya Shetty of Comedy Kiladigulu Gang and many other artists have acted in this song. Time will see when the film team will release the song.

The song ‘Mellusire Savi Gaana’ is one of the highlights of our movie. The song travels along with the story. Director Bharat G said that this song has come out wonderfully and Reeshma Nanaiah has danced super.

(Harish Basavaraj)

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