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Actress Ramya officially gives you sweet news; Is it a movie? Marriage? » Jsnewstimes

Actress Ramya posted a social media post saying, “I will officially announce the good news tomorrow at 11.15” but her fans are waiting to see what might happen. Ramya is worried that she will give you good news.

Actress Ramya is going to give sweet news on Ganesh Chaturthi. Recently, Ramya, who has been spending more time with people from the film industry, has been posting social media posts encouraging new movies and artists, said that she is going to give sweet news.

When will the fans of Ramya get married? They keep asking me when I will make a movie. Sweet news marriage? The question of whether it is a movie has started. Many celebrities including Vasuki Vaibhav, Samyukta Horanadu expressed their happiness after seeing this post.

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Ramya was seen with some people including Raj B Shetty. So it was said that Ramya will do a movie with Raj B Shetty. Raj, who spoke to Vijaya Karnataka Web then, said, “I don’t even know where this news came from. I didn’t even write the story. This news is a pure lie.”

Ramya, who had previously posted on social media, said, “I am excited to do a movie, I am listening to the story of the movie. I will appear on the screen as soon as possible. Until I give you information about this, keep your curiosity like that.”

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As long as she was active in the film industry, Ramya became the number 1 actress, but she turned her attention to politics and stayed away from the film industry. Where has he been for years after saying goodbye to politics? Many had no idea what they were doing. He said that he was away from social media and was taking a class related to spirituality.

Actress Ramya, who made her Sandalwood debut in 2003 with Power Star Puneeth Rajkumar starrer ‘Abhi’, has starred in ‘Excuse Me’, ‘Ranga SSLC’, ‘Kanthi’, ‘Amritdhare’, ‘Aakash’, ‘Kiccha Huchcha’, ‘Sanju Weds Geeta’. , acted in hit movies like ‘Lucky’. After appearing in the movie ‘Nagarahau’ in 2016, Ramya stayed away from the colorful life.

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