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Movie release days tend to coincide with Pooram. The days that set the stage for it are usually Fridays. Why does Friday have such an inextricable connection with movie theaters? There are several reasons for this. Beliefs are more important than facts behind the Friday release date.

Successes often provide the foundation for beliefs. Some say that Indian cinema borrowed the Friday release method from Hollywood. ‘Gone with the Wind’, the biggest success film in the history of world cinema, will start the charitam on Friday. Released on Friday 15th December 1939, the film’s sensational success is generally credited with leading to successive Friday releases.

It does not mean that Friday films have not been released before this film. On the contrary, the success of this film became a reason for Friday release to become a belief or a trend. The Indian film world followed the same trend and it was in a similar situation. Here the biggest hit film of that time ‘Mughal-E-Azam’ started the releases on Friday. Released on Friday, August 5, 1960, this film was a huge success and is believed to be the reason why the belief that Friday is a good day for films took root in India.

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Now there are some stories that are told as part of beliefs. One of them is religiously, Friday is a very special day for Muslims and Hindus. There is a belief among Hindus that Friday is the day when Goddess Lakshmi is most present. During the 1940s-60s, many leading figures in the Indian film industry were Islamo-Hindu. Therefore, it is believed that they chose their lucky day, Friday, for the release.

And even from a shopper’s point of view, Friday is a very important day. Friday is the day when the pockets of weekly salary earners are filled. The following two holidays attract people to the theatres. Any man who gets a temporary relief from the burden of work will choose Friday and the following days for some entertainment. Silver is also very helpful in getting word of mouth publicity. Saturdays and Sundays are the best days for people to share their opinions about a film that gets good reviews on its first day.

Mumbai, the home of Bollywood cinema, has also contributed to the fact that the Indian film world is preparing to observe Friday fast. After independence, Friday was a half-day holiday for Bombay city offices. Television was not very widespread in India at that time. At that time people had no other means of entertainment. So the filmmakers believed that a Friday release would do more good.

There is also a commercial potential behind Friday’s release. Producers are not required to pay Screening Fee on Fridays in multiplex theatres. But on other days the manufacturers do not get this relaxation. If Friday is the first day with the highest number of people boarding, it is profitable for the producers.

Prepared by: Srisha Sivaraman
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