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Shivanna Fida to play son-in-law Dheeren; What did the ‘Hatrick Hero’ say about the movie ‘Shiva 143’? » Jsnewstimes

Dr. Rajkumar’s grandson, Purnima and Ramkumar’s son Dheeren, has opened as the hero for the first time in the movie ‘Shiva 143’. It is as if another scion of Dodmane entered the film industry through this movie. The movie opened on August 26 and is doing well across the state. Recently, Dheeren’s father-in-law, ‘Hatrick Hero’ Sivarajkumar and Geeta Sivarajkumar went to the cinema and watched the movie. This time, Shivarajkumar, who was happy to see his son-in-law’s acting, shared a lot of ideas.

He looks like an experienced actor
‘This is not like Dheeren’s first movie. Dheeren has acted like an experienced actor who has done many movies. Choosing a character like this is a big deal. This character has a lot of emotions. Love, sentiment and everything is there. Dheeren has handled all that very well. When I first came in my dialogue delivery speed was there. Then I got it right. But Dheeren has done it all very well. Fights, dances whatever, all that is a plus point for the hero. Mainly should have learned acting. Director Anil Kumar’s work is also very good..’ says Shivanna.

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No one is imitated
The heroine’s name is Madhu and it is connected to the movie ‘Om’. It is well connected by the director. Everyone is like a junior Shivanna to Dheeren. But let him come as Dheeren, not as Junior Shivanna. Also, he has not imitated anyone in acting. Dheeren did not imitate me, Appu or Raghu. That’s why Dheeren didn’t imitate his father Ramkumar either. He has a style of his own. The heroine of this movie Manvita Kamath’s acting is also good. Comedy is good too. Sivarajkumar said that they have shot in very beautiful locations around Mysore.

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Shiva 143 is directed by Anil Kumar and produced under Jayanna Combines banner. Chikkanna, Sadhu Kokila, Charan Raj, Avinash etc have painted in this movie and Arjun Janya has composed the music.

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