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Manifest is an American Supernatural drama series created by producer and writer Jeff Rake. It is one of the most-awaited supernatural series of 2022. Manifest Season 4 was taken over by Netflix after a year it was canceled by NBC. The platform has announced the release date for season 4 at 8:28 am (PT) representing Montego Air Flight 828 in the series. It is the fourth and final season of this series, which is set to release with 10 episodes on November 4, 2022.

Manifest Season 4 Web Series

Manifest Season 1 was aired on 24 September 2018, on the NBC network. The Compari Entertainment banner produced this series. Warner Bros and Television Distribution are the distributors of Manifest. Manifest cast includes Melissa Roxburgh, Josh Dallas, Athena Karkanis, Luna Blaise, and others. Watch this thriller flick of Manifest Season 4 episodes on Netflix


The story revolves around passengers and crew members of flight 828 who were stuck in time and re-appeared five and a half years later from their take-off. Manifest Season 4 might tell what happens to the 191 passengers who boarded flight 828. Will the survey the danger coming for them is the main plot of the story.


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Manifest Season 4 Web Series


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Manifest Season 4 Details

Here are the complete details of the Manifest Season 4 (2022) web series details,

Title: Manifest
Type: Web Series
Season: 4
Episodes: 10
Total Episodes: 52 (Including Season 4)
Runtime: 42 -49 Minutes (Per Episode)
Release Date: 4 November 2022
Platform: Netflix

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