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The politics of Telangana is changing day by day. While BJP is trying to come to power in the state, TRS is hoping to take the reins of power once again and score a hat-trick. In this situation, the national leaders of BJP have put special focus on Telangana. They are meeting with the main leaders, celebrities and movie heroes. It is known that Union Home Minister Amit Shah – NTR met. BJP National President JP Nadda attended the closing meeting of Bandi Sanjay Praja Sangrama Yatra held at Warangal today. Later met the film hero Nitin. It seems that film celebrities and sportspersons from Telugu states were invited to Novatel Hotel in Hyderabad on Saturday evening.

Earlier, JP Nadda met the former captain of the Indian women’s cricket team, Mithali Raj, at Shamshabad Novatel Hotel. JP Nadda, who posted photos of this meeting on Twitter, said that the conversation with former cricketer Mithali Raj went well. Mithali Raj appreciated the personal support and guidance provided by Prime Minister Modi. JP Nadda, who went to Hanmakonda’s open meeting from Hyderabad, met Kakatiya University’s retired professor Kurapathi Venkatnarayana. They had tea there and asked him about Telangana politics and movement history.

In this order, they met Tollywood hero Nitish at Novatel in Shamshabad from Warangal. But all of a sudden hero Nitin’s coming in touch with BJP is causing excitement in the political circles. By the time of the upcoming elections, the discussion has started that steps are being taken as a strategy to increase the glamor of cinema on a large scale in support of the BJP. It is reported that Nitin has heaped praise on the constituency of the new movie matchers. It seems that there was a discussion about movies between the two.

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