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As Shivarajkumar means cinema and cinema means Shivarajkumar, Shivanna gets involved in shooting every day. Shivanna always does at least four or five movies. Before a movie ends, they think about the next movie. Accordingly, he is currently shooting for a movie with Yogaraj Bhatt and Prabhudev and will soon be doing a movie with ‘Tagaru’ producer Srikanth.

‘Tagaru’ is an important movie of Shivrajkumar’s life. This movie directed by Dunia Suri was a blockbuster hit. It ran for 25 weeks in a theater in Mysore. As much as the efforts of artists and technicians were important in the success of ‘Tagaru’ movie, Srikanth’s efforts were equally important. His style of promotion made the movie reach every nook and cranny of the state. Now doing Upendra’s ‘UI’. Soon the movie will start in Shivrajkumar and Srikanth combination.

‘Sreekanth is our family boy, I will give him a date anytime. I am always ready for his production. Discussions are already going on about the story. Everything will be finalized soon,’ said Shivarajkumar.

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I am Shivanna’s fan. For me he is like God in my house sanctum. He made me a producer who was in trouble. I want Tagaru to be brought to the screen with a wonderful story. While discussing stories for it, two big directors told the story. One of them we like very much. Along with this, we have asked one of Sandalwood’s famous conversationalists and storytellers to write the story. Everything is ok but soon we will start his movie. This time I will produce with Lahari’s Manohar Naidu,’ said producer K.P. Srikanth.

K.P. If Srikanth makes a movie, he delivers it to people very well. Now ‘Upendra’ has made the film buzz all over South India even after a few days of shooting. So, Shivarajkumar’s movie is being planned in a different way.

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Movie with Dhanush
Actor Shivrajkumar is already seen in a leading role in the movie ‘Jailor’ with superstar Rajinikanth. On top of this, it is known from the sources that a movie is being talked about with Dhanush. As of now, only talks have taken place, nothing is certain. But it is also true that Sivarajkumar has received an offer to act.

“Story discussions are going on for the movie under Srikanth’s banner. The final will be done soon,” said actor Shivrajkumar.

“As a fan of Shivarajkumar, I want to see him in a role that no one has seen before. I am writing a story for that purpose. I will tell everyone soon,” said producer KP Srikanth.

(Harish Basavaraj)

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