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Veteran director Saiprakash is known for Bhaktipradhana films. He has already directed several devotional movies. Now the mother has told the story of Srihuligemma Devi. The muhurta ceremony of this film named ‘Vishwarupini Huligemma’ was held at Srihuligemma temple in Koppal taluk. Huligemma Devi is the main Shakti Goddess of North Karnataka. Priyanka Upendra is acting as Huligemma Devi in ​​this movie.

Sharing information about this film, actress Priyanka Upendra said, ‘I have heard a lot about Huligemma Devi, who is the Goddess of Power. The glory of Huligemma Devi is very great, I am very happy that I have been selected for the film of that mother who has mercy on the devotees, I am appearing in Bhaktipradhana for the first time and I am even more happy that Saiprakash is directing the film. After ‘Rowdy Aliya’ I am acting again under his direction. I have already done horror, mass, family comedy films. Now I am doing Bhaktipradhana movie.’

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Sharing information about the film, director Om Saiprakash said, ‘This is my 105th film as a director. I am going to tell the history of Srihuligemma Devi, the mother of the people of Kalyana Karnataka through this film. Screenplay, Dialogues by Sanjay Kumar. Gouramma is producing this film through Bhavana Productions. This team is doing the work of showing the history of Huligemma Devi to the whole world. I have already done a mythological and secular film, I am doing a film called Huligemma Devi. This is a movie that holds a lot of hope. This movie will be dubbed in Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Marathi along with Kannada,’ he said.

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Other than that, actress Bhavana, comedian Sanju Basaiah, Kavita Apoorva etc are in this film. Anaji Nagaraj is doing the cinematography for this film. The film team will shoot for 15 days in Huligi.

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