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Helmet Cleaning Tips Follow These Home Remedy

Home Remedies For Helmet Cleaning : In India the present, there is certainly a bicycle in every household. From school to office to college the majority of people ride bicycles or scooters and wear helmets for security. In cities like Delhi it is mandatory for people who sit behind to wear helmets.

In such a scenario that you are surrounded by the air and dust every day, your headgear becomes filthy. Dirt accumulates inside your helmet and results in that it smells. If this happens this article will give you some simple and quick ways to clean your helmet, which will leave your helmet look brand new.

Cleanse with shampoo

It is possible to clean the helmet by using shampoo. All you need to do is rub the shampoo to the inside cushion of your helmet, then clean it off. The sweat that has accumulated in the helmet’s padding will be wiped away , and the dirt will be removed.

Cleanse using baking soda

While wearing the helmet the hair oil and sweat that comes out of the helmet are mixed, which leads that the headgear begins stinking. To eliminate the smell, you must first clean the helmet and put it aside for a while when you add baking soda into the. After that, you can clean it up by adding baking soda to the water. The smell that emanates out of your head will vanish.

Soft soap

You may also make use with mild soap to clean the helmet. It will be cleaned by it , and it will also be able to absorb the smell. After washing it with mild soap the helmet will start to smell.

Bleach can help

After washing the helmet, the sour smell of the helmet doesn’t stop so you clean it using bleaching powder. Make a solution consisting of 1 teaspoon bleaching powder, and mix it with water , and then wash the interior part of the helmet.

Use helmet kit

If all other methods fail and all options fail, the final choice is to go with an equipment for helmets. Purchase a helmet kit from the market and wash the helmet using it. If you wash the helmet using the kit, the helmet will be clean and the odor will be gone.

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