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New movie in Nadirsha – Rafi collaboration; Nadirsha says that it is a humor thriller in Guru’s script » Jsnewstimes

Rafi is preparing the screenplay for the film directed by Nadir Shah under the banner of Kalantur Entertainments. A very special project has been announced today through Nadir Shah’s social media. Nadirsha has said in all the interviews that she always looks up to Siddique Lal and Rafi McCartin as her gurus in cinema.

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He indicated that the project, which is being directed by his mentor, is a humor thriller. The shooting of this film will begin in January 2023, with newcomers playing the lead roles along with famous Malayalam stars. This film is the second production of Kalantur Entertainments in association with Nadirsha Rafi. This is the seventh film directed by Nadirsha, who has given hit films to Malayalam. PR: Pratish Shekhar.

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