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New movies with different titles are coming in Kannada. Now a new movie called The Endless One Bhagavan Nityananda is coming. Today at Avadhuta Vinay Guruji Ashram in Bangalore, Vinay Guruji revealed the motion poster and title of the film and wished the film crew.

What did Vinay Guruji say about the movie?

Vinay Guruji said, “There have been only short films in the name of Lord. Now the movie Bhagavan Sri Nityananda has come with his ideas. There is only one principle in God – humanity. There is no room for vote. There is no other principle greater than humanity. I came to know about Baba after the serial of Shiridibaba, and after the movie Srinivasa Kalyana, I came to know about Tirupati. Similarly, Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda’s movie is a work of conveying many things to people.”

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What did producer Krishna KR say?
Producer Krishna KR said, “We have released the title and motion poster of Bhagavan Shree Nityananda, and we are serving our family Lord Nithyananda. By making this movie, we are serving a small squirrel.”

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Here is more information about the movie
The movie has been given a different title as The Endless One Bhagavan Sri Nityananda, Lakshmas Sa Khode’s son, Padmanabha Sa Khode’s grandson Shrikrishna KR has invested in the movie. This is the first movie being produced under Gulab Production, and the film production producer Krishna is lavishly dressed, and the movie will be made not only in Kannada, but also in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam and English languages. In the near future, the film team will give information about the rest of the star cast and technology.

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