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Nandamuri Kalyan Ram’s latest movie Bimbisara has hit the audiences today (5th August). The film, which is made in the backdrop of socio fantasy, is receiving critical acclaim. It is running in theaters with good positive talk at the box office. Nandamuri fans are surprised by the making of debut director Vassishta. Comments are being made that Kalyan Ram’s acting is in a range.

Young Junior NTR (NTR) recently tweeted about Bimbisara movie. Bimbisara movie is getting excellent response. Audience is enjoying the movie very much. It feels good when the audience likes the movie. No one can replace this character except you as Bimbisara Raju aka Kalyan Ram. Director Vishishth has directed the film like an experienced director. Bimbisara became the backbone of the movie as the legendary MM Keeravani. “Congratulations to all the actors and technicians for making this movie a success,” Tarak tweeted.

Bimbisara movie with time travel point in the backdrop of socio fantasy seems to have met the expectations of the fans. The audience who have seen the movie say that Bimbisara is a super hit. It is said to be the biggest hit in Kalyan Ram’s career. The team of the film is happy with Bimbisara getting a positive tax. Nandamuri fans are celebrating in a range.

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