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Hyderabad: Have you seen the movie ‘Kick’? Hero does not get a kick in any work. He quickly quits every job he joins. Even if he is super talented.. he is not dull at all. It is said that there is no kick. Finally he starts stealing. He spends the stolen money on the treatment of the poor, orphans and children. If it is fixed that there is a kick in it.. he will turn stealing into a habit. However, such a person exists in real life as well. That lady who is an MBA gold medalist.. what she does is stealing. Not one, not two.. He did 200 thefts at once and gave the police an unexpected shock. Now let us know about this strange candidate..

Going into details.. Vamsikrishna from Guntur district studied MBA. Not an ordinary student.. He is also a gold medalist. However, he did not want to work and started driving for a living. So everyone considered him to be a good person with independent feelings. However, while driving.. Vamsikrishna started showing his perversion. Vamsikrishna who got used to Jalsa while driving.. was fixed to earn money in an easy way. For this he decided that stealing is correct. What’s more.. He started committing a series of thefts. He started burglarizing locked houses.

Vamsikrishna committed thefts in Hyderabad city of Telangana as well as in many districts of Andhra Pradesh. Since 2006, he has done thefts in 200 houses. However, Vamsikrishna, who committed two hundred thefts, was caught by the police several times. However.. he did not change his mind.. he continued to commit more thefts. Accused Vamsikrishna continues the same pattern of being caught stealing.. going to jail.. and continuing. So far he has served about 67 months of imprisonment in various cases. Moreover, the police have also registered a PD act against him twice.

However, Vamsikrishna was recently implicated in another case by Gandhinagar police in Hyderabad. All the details related to him.. Inspector Mohan Rao said. Mikkili Vamsi Krishna of Guntur said that he had many nicknames. Lokesh said that he was working as a cab driver in the city under the name of Sam Richard. Vamsikrishna was arrested by the police on Tuesday in connection with a robbery that took place in a house in Kavadiguda last month. 19 tola gold jewellery, Rs 3 lakh cash, two cell phones and a car were seized from the accused. The police registered a case against him and sent him to remand

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