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Tamil actor Vishal is busy in many movies. Adventure situations are common in Vishal movies. Currently, he is busy with a Pan India movie named ‘Lathi’. This movie will also release in Kannada. Vishal’s leg became serious during the shooting of the action scenes of the movie ‘Lathi’. The incident happened on Sunday (July 3). He was so seriously injured that he could not walk. So, the shooting was postponed until Vishal was fully recovered.

But Vishal, who attended the shooting on Monday (July 4), finished the shooting of those scenes in pain. Currently, the scenes of this shooting have gone viral. Peter Hayne is working as action director for this movie.

What was the shooting scene?
Vishal has appeared in the role of a police constable in the movie ‘Lathi’. The scenes of the goons attacking a surrendered criminal while being taken to safety by the police were being shot. In this case, Vishal fights using a stick for safety. But the opponents have weapons. At this time, one of the weapons of the opponent hit Vishal on the leg and injured him. At that time Vishal could not move his leg.

‘The responsibility of 1800 students that Puneeth was studying is mine from now on’- actor Vishal
Vishal, who was struggling to stand, was immediately given first aid and taken home for rest. The film team also decided to stop shooting till Vishal recovers. But the very next day, Vishal surprised everyone by attending the sets.

Accident during shooting: Tamil actor Vishal hit his back
What did actor Vishal say?
Speaking about this, Vishal said, ‘We were shooting in a forest-like area around Chennai. The shooting started very late. It was a freestyle adventure scenario. But it was a scene where I saved the criminal using my baton. Suddenly my leg became numb. I thought maybe the leech must be inside. But when my pants were folded, there was a swelling like a tennis ball. Sometimes it got hit, I don’t know. But I had to finish shooting. Otherwise, the whole day’s work would have been wasted. So, after shooting, I met the doctor. Then slowly the swelling subsided.

‘I had saved money to buy my own house, I will give it to my children’s education’ – Vishal
A. Directed by Vinod Kumar, this movie is produced by Nanda and Ramana. Sam C.S. Music composition for this film.

Pious bow; ‘I am responsible for the 1800 children who were being educated by Appu sir’ – actor Vishal

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