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Many Bollywood actors have worked in English and Hollywood films. Many films have been quite famous and fans have also liked it. Although few people know that Dev Anand, one of the early superstars of the Indian film industry, also acted as a lead hero in a Hollywood film, but the film was never released in India. Interestingly, he was accompanied by Zeenat Aman in this film who was later seen in the film ‘Hare Krishna Hare Ram’.

Viet Nam actress was with Dev Anand
Dev Anand’s film was released in the year 1970. The film was produced by Hollywood’s renowned 20th Century Fox studio, and written by Rolf Baer and directed by Lamberto V. Avelana. The name of the film was ‘The Evil Within’. In this, Vietnam’s actress Qiu Chin was in the lead role opposite Dev Anand. The shooting of this film was mostly done at the locations of Jaipur and Udaipur. The story of the film was based on the opium mafia.

When Dev Anand slapped actress Suraiya

‘James Bond’ type film
This film of Dev Anand was made in the same style as the James Bond series films were made at that time. However, it is also an interesting fact that the shooting of the later 1983 James Bond series film ‘Octopussy’ was also shot mostly in the same locations where ‘The Evil Within’ was shot.

Ashok Kumar had brought Dev Anand to the movies

never released in india
Talking about other actors of this Hollywood film of Dev Anand, there were many actors like Prem Nath, Iftekhar, Jagdish Raj, Vimal Ahuja, Vipin Gupta and Shetty in it. The film was also released under the name ‘Passport to Danger’. However, it never got released in India. Actually, it is said that there were many violent scenes, kissing scenes and lesbian sex scenes in the film. For this reason, this film of Dev Anand was never cleared by the Censor Board for release.

When Zeenat Aman left Dev Anand and went to Raj Kapoor

Can watch this movie here
Dev Anand’s film may never have been released in India, but fans can now watch this film sitting at home. The movie has now been uploaded to YouTube and can be viewed for free. Watch the full movie here:

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