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Tata Motors Sold Most Electric Cars In April, Here Full Electric Car Sale

The April electric Car Sales Data: Electric cars are a fresh hope that demonstrates the potential of ending dependence on oil in the face of the rising cost of diesel and petrol. Due to the rise in prices for diesel and petrol as well as the rise in diesel prices, people are also betting on them, due which the sales of electric wheelers has risen across the nation. Statistics reveal that in April this year, the total electric PV sales reached 2150 units which is 260.13 percent more than 597 units sold in the previous year.

Let’s discuss this in more straightforward way. In actuality the month of April, 260 percent more electrical automobiles were sold in April of this year than the total number of electric vehicles that were sold across the nation during April of 2021. While there were 3,624 electric cars sold during March as a result, there was a decrease by 40.67 percent in sales for April.

  • Tata Motors : According to reports, Tata Motors has given the most impressive performance in terms of the sales of electric vehicles across the nation. Of all electric vehicles that were sold through India during April 83.81 percentage came from Tata Motors models. Tata Motors sold 1802 electric automobiles.
  • MG Motor India: MG Motor India is second in the list following Tata Motors. MG Motor India sold 245 electric cars in April of this year this year, which is 65.54 percentage more than 148 electric cars that were sold in April of last year. In April, the company sold 95 electronic vehicles during March. The company has experienced a growth by 157.89 percent.
  • Hyundai India: Now let’s look at the electric vehicles of Hyundai. Hyundai India sold 23 electric vehicles in April of this year. This is more than double what the 10 electric cars that were sold in April of last year. Hyundai India had sold 18 electric vehicles during the month of March in this year’s calendar. As a result, in April
  • Mahindra : Mahindra sold 13 electric vehicles in the April month of this year. The company was able sell as little as four units in April last year. However, the company sold 18 electric vehicles in March, it appears that the company is experiencing an increase in sales.
  • BMW : BMW sold 17 automobiles in April. BMW has placed its bets on the iX model, which is priced about Rs.1.25 crore. The company sold nine electric cars with this design in March i.e. BMW has also seen growth in April.
  • Mercedes Benz IndiaMercedes Benz India sold 10 electric vehicles in April. Mercedes has made its debut in its first EQC arena. Its price is estimated to be around the figure of Rs 95 lakh.
  • Audi India: Audi India sold 8 electric cars in April. However, Audi’s growth in sales has come down 50 percent. The company offers Etron and GT models available on the market, and their prices start at Rs. 1 crore.
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