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Indian Railways Update IRCTC Cancelled Trains On 26 June 2022

Indian Railways Update IRCTC Cancelled Trains On 26 June 2022

Train Cancelled List as of 25 June 2022 Indian Railways run thousands of train each day and transports millions of people back to their homes. It is believed to be among the biggest railroad networks in the world , and it is considered to be the lifeline for many people living in India. Because of its dependence on a significant amount of people on railways, they also try to provide a wide range of amenities to its passengers, however often the railways have to stop train (Cancel Train List), change the schedule or divert them. Reschedule Train List) is required. Because of this, people are forced to deal with a lot of hassle.

Every day , trains are cancelled by railways for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, trains need to be delayed, cancelled, or moved due to severe weather conditions like cyclone storms or flood, rain, and so on. Many trains travel on railway tracks each day. In this scenario it is crucial to maintain these tracks and make repairs periodically. In this scenario, a lot of trains must be cancelled to ensure proper maintenance of railway tracks. In addition, there are times when trains are canceled because of bad law and law and order. Recently there was a major protest against the new plan Agneepath was introducing to recruit soldiers. This led to a huge number of trains were cancelled and many trains were diverted.

Today, 213 trains were cancelled, 9 trains were moved

213 trains were canceled on the day i.e. 26 June 2022. However it appears that the Railways have decided to alter the schedules of 9 trains for this day. The 9 trains are 03576, 02133 03336, 05370, 12204, 05423 12,856, 19168, and 22638 train number. In addition the decision has been made to divert 12 trains on this day. If you want to know the list of today’s cancelled trains, rescheduled or diverted and trains, follow this simple procedure.

How do I access the list of rescheduled diverted and cancelled trains

  • To check the list of canceled trains, first of all visit the website of enquiry.indianrail.gov.in/mntes/.
  • A Exceptional Trains option will appear. Choose this option.
  • Click here to see a list of cancelled trains, Rescheduled or Diverted trains.
  • You should leave the house immediately after confirming this, otherwise you could confront problems later.

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