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Gold Price Today Down On 25 June 2022: Check Here Latest Rates

The Gold price today is June 25, 2022. Over the past few weeks, there have been constant fluctuation in the gold price. A decrease in the price of gold was recorded on the 25th of June 2022. On Saturday, a decrease of 20 rupees was noted on the gold price. In this situation prices for 24 carat gold are 50,830 for 10 grams. In the same way the price of the 22-carat version of gold would be 46,560.

A drop in the price of silver is also reported (Silver Price Today). A drop of 649 rupees per kilogram was recorded in the price of silver. In the past few months, however, cost of silver has fallen to Rs 60,000 for a kilogram. The rate of silver and gold were observed in different regions of the nation. We will now tell you about the gold price depending on the cities.

Gold price per city

The current price for 24-carat gold Delhi is 51,820 rupees. The cost of 22 carat gold is 47500. In the same way the cost that 24 carat gold is in Kolkata is 51,820. The price for 22 , carat gold, is 47,500. The cost for 24 carat gold Mumbai is 51,760. the price for the 22-carat version of gold comes to 47,450. In terms of Chennai Gold Price, here the price for 24-carat gold in Chennai is 52,285 and that for 22 carat gold 47,927.

Before buying gold make sure you make sure that the gold is pure–

If you’re looking to test whether gold is pure then you can utilize the ‘BIS Care app’ to do this. It is a simple way to verify the gold’s purity. Additionally you can also submit complaints via the app in case the gold’s purity isn’t as claimed.

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