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Komakis 45000 Charging Stations Will Built At Cost Of 25 Crores

Komakis 45000 Charging Stations Will Built At Cost Of 25 Crores

Komaki Charging stations Electric vehicles are becoming more popular than CNG vehicles in India. Electric two-wheeler manufacturers are working to improve infrastructure. KLB Komaki’s electric vehicle unit is known for making strong, sporty EV 2-wheeler vehicles. It plans to set up charging stations around the globe and establish India as a hub in the EV infrastructure space. This project will also require an investment of Rs 25 Crore starting in July 2022 and lasting for 18 months to set up 45,000 charging stations. This project could be completed before the end of 2023.

All requirements will be met.

This project will provide the largest P2P network that can meet all the needs of EV owners. It will also include smart and user-friendly features. This is the claim of komaki. Komaki will provide two free EV charging points for customers who purchase electric vehicles. A large charging point will be available, which will allow customers to charge cars, bikes, and three-wheelers at the same time. A small charging station for electric three-wheelers or two-wheelers will also be available.

This charging point can be installed anywhere you like a petrol pump, EV charging station, or outside your home or business. The port’s buyer can make a small profit if he charges his electric cars using the ports. This concept is still being tested. Komaki is committed to achieving the goal of expanding electric vehicle charging networks within the timeframe.

Information will also be available in the app

Ankita Sharma (Head of Sales and Marketing at Komaki Electric Division) stated that EV owners will no longer need to worry about charging as the Komaki project follows a 3-step process: Scan, Pay and Charge. The process has been simplified by. The energy meter allows users to monitor the electric vehicle’s power consumption. This unique feature will be available on every charging panel. You can find your closest charging point using the Komaki mobile application.

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